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We can help you create and maintain a more successful advertising solution for your product.

From day one, we work to understand your business as well as your performance goals, enabling us to design an successful campaign to maximise your results.

Minimum requirements
The minimum amount you must spend to create a campaign is $10, and your campaign must fit our terms and conditions.
Deposit Funds
The minimum amount to deposit is $10 via Paypal and you will access your funds instantly. You can also deposit funds by Wire transfer (minimum $500 USD).
Fast Approvals
Get your campaign approved in less than 1h on business days and 6 hours on weekends.
Reporting System
You can generate reports based on Countries, Operating systems, browser and you can also make reports based on subids.
Earn money with referrals
Earn 5% from the earnings that your publishers make or from your advertisers deposits.
Top quality Assured
Our traffic is verified in order to deliver the best convertible traffic for your campaigns.
(*) Adultex is an extension of your marketing team. Together, we discover what works for your individual campaign.

Where can I find traffic statistics?

Click on Advertiser section and then click on reports !
The minimum deposit is only $10 USD.
You can deposit money via PayPal (Minimum $10) or by Wire transfer (Minimum $500).
Currently you can target your campaign by Country, Category, OS, Browser or by SubIds.
Yes. You can stop a campaign at any time and cash out the money remaining in your Available Balance.
During working hours it will take less than 1 hour. Outside working hours, on weekends or during holidays it may take up to 6 hours.

We simply recommend you to try us.